Mr. Frank Burbank and wife Evelyn Gillett Burbank; daughter of Alpheus and Eliza Tillett Gillett; sister of Hubert, Arch
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Crooked Tree Village, founded over 300 years ago by the family of William Tillett.

In 1844 Rev. John Warner, and Anglican cleric visited the settlement and found only twenty people living there, Mr. William Tillett, his wife Mary Jones Tillett and their 15 children.

Because of the growing size of the settlement, Rev. Warner suggested to William that he establish a township and give it a name. Mr. Tillett coined the name "Tilleton" but he died four years later, before the town could be established. For decades after, official references to the village included the alternate name of "Tilleton".

"Tilleton" is only one of the possible original names of the village we now know as Crooked Tree Village....the other circulating names are all connected to the rich early history of Crooked Tree Village.

By Mr. Hart Tillett-Crooked Tree Village..A short Historical Note

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