Dankiman, an award winning musician at the NBC5 Music Award
Dankiman, an award winning musician at the NBC5 Music Award

Welcome to Crooked Tree”

by Dankiman

The CT Village Reunion Committee is thrilled to introduce a snippet of its reunion theme song entitled “Welcome to Crooked Tree,” written and performed by Dankiman.

Dankiman cleverly captured the essence of the CT Village Reunion’s website in the lyrics of the song.  The song not only tells the story of how the idea of the reunion came about, but also captured the history of the village and its culture.  Both lyrics and rhythm are entertaining and will certainly get you in the mood to pull up “yu sleevs ah staat to brukdong …”




The second single is also a reflection of the planning of this extraordinary event.  The beat is smooth and poetic.  The melody will have you swaying  from side-to-side, while you close your eyes and listen to the silky smooth voice of the musical maestro, Dankiman.

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(You may need to install Real Player to listen to the musical clip.  If necessary, go to
http://www.real.com/ for a free download of the application.  Also you may need to disable the current song that's playing on the website in order to hear the CT Reunion Theme Song, Welcome to Crooked Tree.