Bill Jones and Dominoes Team
Bill Jones and Dominoes Team
How long since you left your beautiful Village? 

What do you remember?
1) The Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary has the longest interpretive boardwalk in Belize
2) The Breadfruit is sometimes called a fruit and a vegetable. How do you cook it?
All of the above

3) Brilliant Cricket Team has a lot of loyal fans, but who was the oldest fan that followed and cheer for them all over the Belize District?
Ivy Nicholson Jones
Ivy Brown Jones
Edward Dawson
John Gillett Sr.
4) Where was the first Race Track located in Crooked Tree?
Pine Ridge
Breadnut Hill

5) The sap from this tree is used to manufacture chewing gum
Rubber Tree
Fig Tree
Sapodilla Tree
Physic Nut
6) Who was the first school officer for the Crooked Tree School?
Cleveland Tucker
Levi (Saco) Gillett
Reginald Rowland
Gabriel Crawford

7) Who owned the Rice Mill in Crooked Tree Village?
John Rhaburn
Edward Dawson Sr.
Percy Flowers
Hubert Gillett
8) What is the wing span of the Jabiru Stork?
4 feet
6 feet
8 feet
10 feet

9) What was the name of Mr. Adalbert Dawson (Dals) boat?
Rosie D
10) Who was the first Village Council Chairman?
James Rhaburn
Hildebrant Gillett
Rudolph Crawford
Randolph Tillett Sr. (Bra Dolph)

11) The Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary has the largest population of Jabirus in Belize.
12) How did Crooked Tree Village get it's name?
A tree at Crawford Bank
From three bandits
From an old mahogany tree
From a huge bullet tree

13) Who first inhabited Crooked Tree?
The Cadles
The Gillettes
The logwood cutters
The Tilletts
14) How large is the area of Crooked Tree?
12 square miles
8 square miles
10 square miles
9 square miles

15) When was the causeway built?
16) How many times have the Brilliant Cricket club won the competition?
8 times
10 times
15 times
12 times

17) Name the two most popular sports of Crooked Tree
baseball and basketball
volley ball and tennis
horseracing and cricket
soccer and softball
18) Name the most popular Cricket players in Crooked Tree
Percy Flowers & C. Adolphus
James Rhaburn, Jr.
G. Westby & Robert Tillet
All of the above

19) What's the name of the most popular fruit in Crooked Tree?
20) What's the name of the annual festival held in Crooked Tree Village?
Guava Fest
Mango Fest
Craboo Fest
Cashew Fest

21) Crooked Tree was one of the first inland Villages.
22) How old is Crooked Tree Village?
Over 150 years?
Over 250 years?
Over 100 years?
Over 300 years?

23) What is the population of Crooked Tree Village?
800 people
650 people
500 people
1100 people
24) How long is the Crooked Tree Village Causeway?
Five miles
Three and a half miles
One mile
Three miles