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Check out Dr. Jane Crawford's, one of our planning committee members, interview entitled "Take 2 on the Weird Piglet" with Keith Swift, a Chanel 7 News Belize reporter, regarding the weird piglet born in Calcutta Village, Belize with a deformed head....Read more "Take 2 on the Weird Piglet"




Senate Special Select Committee Concludes Immigration Hearings
On Wednesday, December 6th, the Senate Special Select Committee held their last public hearing after 12 months of investigating the Auditor General's Immigration Department Report. Throughout the past months, several persons, including government ministers were interrogated based on the allegations revealed in the Auditor General's report released in August of 2016.

Vildo Westby captured in Mexico; Ayuso family feels vindicated
On Friday, December 8th, news broke on the detainment of Vildo Westby in Las Choapas, Veracruz Mexico. Westby had been on the run since February of this year following the brutal murder of beloved island activist 44-year-old Felix Ayuso.

San Pedro's UDP 7 hosts endorsement convention
The Belize Rural South United Democratic Party town council slate hosted their endorsement convention on Saturday, December 2nd at the Honourable Louis Sylvestre Sporting Complex. Current San Pedro Town Council Members, Daniel Guerrero, Gary Grief, Hector Alamilla, Ruben Gonzalez, Severo Guerrero Jr., Gabriel Nunez, and Flora Ancona are aspiring to be re-elected for another term in office.

Curio Collection By Hilton Grows Resort Portfolio With Debut In Belize
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Jamaica-born jurist resigns as Court of Appeal judge in Belize
Jamaica-born jurist Franz Parke has resigned as a member of Belize's Court of Appeal amid controversy over his appointment. CANA News reports that Belize's Office of the Prime Minister late yesterday acknowledged receipt of Justice Parke's resignation, a copy which was sent to that country's Governor General Sir Colville Young.

Toledo students participate in marine ecology course on Ambergris Caye
A group of 15 tourism students from a vocational college in the Toledo District participated in a marine ecology course in San Pedro Town from Monday, December 27th to Wednesday, December 29th. The course was conducted by the Ecology Project International in Belize and Mar Alliance.

Mercury in Fish from the Macal River and Other Rivers
The Ministry of Health, in collaboration with the Department of Environment and the Belize Electric Company Limited , has completed another assessment of mercury levels in fishes from the Macal River, Mopan, Belize and New River. The following Advisory is being issued to guide the public on the amount of fish that can be eaten safely to avoid ill effects due to mercury exposure.

The Good, the Bad and the Future of Belize's Coral Kingdom
Wildlife Conservation Society The Belize barrier reef complex is a globally exceptional collection of precious coral, seagrass and mangrove habitats, bejeweled by hundreds of cayes within a massive emerald lagoon and crowned by three magnificent atolls that nurture and protect the land and its people. This wonder of nature, defined as a globally significant world heritage site, has stood for thousands of years, long before the appearance of humans.

Allie Ayers smolders in a swimsuit for SI in Belize
Heat in Belize! Allie Ayers places strategically placed hand over exposed cleavage as she rocks bathing suit for Sports Illustrated And Allie Ayers posed up a storm in a leafy one-piece in Belize, appearing in a GIF the mag posted on its Instagram page this Sunday. The 23-year-old's left strap fell off her shoulder, and the side of the swimsuit slid down - but she held a hand over her bosom to ensure that she stuck to Instagram's Community Guidelines.

Jamaican soldiers in Belize for joint military training
BELMOPAN, Belize : Security forces from Jamaica, Canada and the United States are participating in joint military training exercise that ends at month end, the Belize Ministry of Defence announced Wednesday. It said that the Belize Defence Force is also participating in the joint military training exercise code-named 'Tropical Dagger' and will end on November 30. "The aim of this training is to enhance interoperability, operational readiness and effectiveness within partner nations.

Belize gov't ministers escape injury in plane crash
Two government ministers, including the acting Prime Minister Patrick Faber, escaped unhurt after the plane in which they were travelling over the weekend crashed in Placencia. In a statement, the Government of Belize Press Office noted that Faber and the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment and Sustainable Development and Immigration Godwin Hulse were enroute to Punta Gorda Town via a Tropic Air flight last Friday.

Caravan Hits Car On Takeoff
My friend Chuck, a recent solo student, got the following request from the tower on landing ... Tower:'Expedite clearing the... On final approach to Runway 23 in a D-18 Beech at Mansfield Lama Airport, Ohio, we received this inquiry from the control tower ...... Three Britons and a man from Vietnam were killed in the midair collision of a small helicopter and a Cessna 152 on Friday. Textron Aviation announced this week it will continue its Top Hawk program for 2018, providing a new Cessna Skyhawk 172 to five... The best students know the areas on which they need to work.

14 Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals on things millennials actually want to buy
And it turns out there's actually a ton of research supporting the idea that spending money on experiences can make people happier than spending money on material items. When it comes to something like a concert, movie, or weekend trip, you feel excitement anticipating it, make memories during it, and can reflect on it afterwards.

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