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Check out Dr. Jane Crawford's, one of our planning committee members, interview entitled "Take 2 on the Weird Piglet" with Keith Swift, a Chanel 7 News Belize reporter, regarding the weird piglet born in Calcutta Village, Belize with a deformed head....Read more "Take 2 on the Weird Piglet"




Belize Prime Minister Rejects IMF Recommendations
BELMOPAN, Belize, Saturday June 24, 2017 - Belize Prime Minister Dean Barrow has turned his back on International Monetary Fund recommendations to fix his country's nagging economic woes, insisting that his Government will stick to its own programme. A team from the Washington-based financial body recently wrapped up Article IV consultations with the Barrow administration, warning that public debt remains too high and further fiscal consolidation is needed.

Dangriga youth pioneers Hope Run - " wants Belize youth at Penn Relays
BELIZE CITY, Wed. June 21, 2017-The 1st Annual Hope Run due to be held in Dangriga on July 8 is the brainchild of Dangriga youth, Kyle Castillo, 24, who is currently studying marketing in Jamaica.

Isla Bonita Elementary holds preschool and Standard Six graduation
On Saturday, June 17th, Isla Bonita Elementary School held their graduation service and 17th commencement exercise program at the R.A. NuA ez Auditorium. Under the theme, "Dare to dream big and never lose grip on your dreams; cling to them even if they seem too far", the graduates proudly marched to the tune of Pomp and Circumstance.

Apartment building's improper sewage disposal has neighbours concerned
Reports have surfaced from residents in the San Juan Area of San Pedro Town that an apartment building, in the same area, was dumping raw sewage on the lagoon side. Those being directly affected are concerned about the effect it has on the environment and their health.

Ministry of Health implements new pharmaceutical regulations
In an effort to ensure Belizeans are receiving quality medicinal products, the Office of the Director of Health Services made an announcement on Tuesday, June 6th via a press release, informing pharmaceutical importers that all custom entries will now be processed by the Ministry of Health in Belmopan. Such entries could be over the counter medication, FedEx, Amerijet, prescription medications and others.

Lobster Season reopens: Belize Fisheries Department predicts a profitable lobster season
Regulated by the Belize Fisheries Department -under the Fisheries Act of Belize, the consumption and harvesting of the Caribbean Spiny Lobster is only permitted from June 15 to February 14. After a four month spawning period, the lobster season reopened on Thursday, June 15th, and the BFD is making a positive prediction for a profitable lobster season. According to Ramon Carcamo, BFD Officer of the Capture Fisheries Unit, the Spiny Lobster fishery has been stable for the past five years, and remains one of the top marine exports for Belize.

Belize murder victim's family hits brick wall
You call back in an hour and they're not there," the relative, who wasn't named, told the news station. He added: "We are so far away and we can't do anything, but we need some lines of communication - especially when the family was promised updates."

Poets Corner: Parallel System
Parallel System By Abdulmajeed K Nunez This is not the matrix You are not Neo, it's a trick Hollywood made up that shit You don't have join the oracle To join the system to win the battle Like Shoman and Musa were sucked in and abandoned the struggle The system is fixed Puppeteered by the grand puppet master, some who do even know they are propagandists Our governments have failed The Belizean patrimony is being derailed See weh di happen without this visa shizz There is no need to fight them There is no need to join them Let's create a parallel system mi friend The people are more powerful than Parliamentarians Land is our salvation We can't liberate ourselves without a sustainable feeding program We can't liberate ourselves without land Power equals unity and land acquisition Ask the Mennonites and the Mayans We network with the 140 million African descendants throughout the Caribbean ... (more)

Caribbean Girls under Cyber Attack, says Belizean First Lady
A cyberbullying victim's parents are speaking out in Belize against the alarming practice of posting nude photos of young girls online. The couple sit facing away from the camera as they recount the episode that forever changed their daughter's life.

Open letter to the prime minister of Belize
Abdulmajeed Nunez Belize City, Belize Rt. Honorable Dean Barrow Prime Minister New Administrative Building City of Belmopan Belize June 4, 2017 Dear Prime Minister Barrow: I invite you to consider leaving as a part of your legacy the pardoning of Nora Parham.

Caye Caulker residents claims Heredia has forgotten them; Village Council says not so
Residents of Caye Caulker Village have been claiming that their Area Representative, Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation Honourable Manuel Heredia Jr. is not fulfilling his duties on the island. They claim years of neglect by Heredia, and demand that he address the social issues affecting their community.

Commentary: A Garifuna from Dangriga becomes the new Catholic bishop for Belize
By Wellington C. Ramos I remember when I was a little boy growing up in Dangriga in the 60s my late mother Josephine Sampson used to take me to go and visit her cousin, the mother of our new Bishop Lawrence Nicasio, "Auntie Jane Lewis-Nicasio", the daughter of "Granny C". During those days we were all attending Sacred Heart Primary School.

SIB releases new figures; consumer prices continue to rise
The Statistical Institute of Belize has published its latest statistics on the consumer price index and external trade for the country of Belize. In April 2017, the prices of goods and services were 2.2% higher than the year before, and for the first time in 2017, the statistics recorded an inflation rate of 1.9%.

Belize District tops 2017 Primary School Examinations
After Standard Six students sat through two days of intense Primary School Examinations on April 3rd and May 2nd, the Ministry of Education issued a press release with the PSE results on Tuesday, June 6th. This year, a total of 7,271 Standard Six students sat the PSE countrywide, testing their knowledge in the four major subjects of Mathematics, English, Science, and Social Studies.

Super Dads: New UNICEF campaign spotlights fathers' critical role in children's early development
A four-year-old boy and his father Marshall Mejia, play in the water during a visit to the seashore, in their hometown of Dangriga, on the south-eastern coast of Belize. Photo: UNICEF/UN035756/LeMoyne 6 June 2017 - As more than 90 countries prepare to mark Father's Day later this month, prominent figures in sports and entertainment have joined 'Super Dads,' a campaign launched today by the United Nations Children's Fund that celebrates a father's essential role in a child's early cognitive development.

Belize national sworn in as CCJ judge
BELIZE CITY, Belize -- Mr Justice Denys Arthur Barrow was sworn in as judge of the Caribbean Court of Justice on Thursday at a ceremony in Belize City in his home country of Belize. Barrow, who was sworn in by Governor General Sir Colville Young, is the first citizen of Belize to be appointed to the CCJ bench.

Hyperbaric Chamber to provide tour guides with free EFR/CPR training
While tour guides have until July 31, 2017 to renew their license, the Belize Tourism Board requires them to have a valid copy of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and First-aid certificate/card. Offering assistance in meeting that requirement is the Belize Hyberbaric Chamber, through free training opportunities in CPR and Emergency First Response .

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